Festival Balonolas by SZTUKiSZUM

Wroclaw is my city. First time I came here was some 12 years ago. In here I studied at University, worked, lived and loved. Here I played bass guitar in a punk rock band All My Bliss, played football with Odrzańska Bryza. Finally here with a group of friends we formed an association named SZTUKiSZUM.

Since 2012 there’s a festival BALO NOLAS being organised. It takes place on one of May weekends and is situated in one of down-town suburbs of Olbin district. BALONOLAS means BalloonForrest and was originally inspired by a French artist’s Alexander Grey (Al Gruk) idea about installing nets, platforms, ropes, tree-houses etc. in public space and making them accessible to audience. First edition of minus budget and pure volunteer activism became a beginning of a great series of events. Last year (BALONOLAS 2014) edition focused on synaesthetical trials to boost local creativity (the 6th sense). The animation of the courtyard was a great success. Check the gallery:)

This year is a breakthrough. SZTUKiSZUM was officially registered as an association. The organisation is applying to the city council for a donation. If given, the range of BALONOLAS can be even more impressing.


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